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Our Thoughts

Week 1 – Conference Room

The biggest thing missing from the current A3G office is a conference room.  Not that we don’t love our open studio, but it can be challenging to work when there is a group meeting in the middle of the office.  In our new location we are designing a space that allows for us to present […]


Our Next Big Journey

Today marks the first step in the next big adventure for A3G Architects… We are moving into our own stand alone building!! We wanted to find a long term location that would truly tell our story. We enjoy working  on residential and commercial projects, and we have a passion for historical buildings, so what better […]


Women Helping Women

In conversations with other businesses and owners this year, I noticed that there was a reoccurring comment regarding the need for women business owners to connect in the Kansas City area.  As a woman and small-business owner, those comments struck home.  Maybe it was time to expand the support for women-owned businesses outside of their […]


What’s Happening on the Square?

If you’ve been in downtown Liberty in the last six months or so, you know it’s not easy to navigate with the infrastructure work and the closed area due to the May collapse. But, progress is definitely being made. At A3G Architects, we like to spread good news, so here’s the “down-low” on both projects. The improvements to […]


Welcome to A3G Architects

Welcome to A3G Architects, a full-service architectural firm providing planning, architectural and interior design services for commercial and residential projects. A3G was founded by principal architect, Aimee Gray, in 2010. We strive to provide the highest quality of service to all of our clients, no matter how small or large the project. Women-owned and staffed, […]