A3G values volunteer work as it plays an important role in the upkeep, improvement, and vitalization of the community. In 2016 an active member of our community, Betty Lou Anderson, tragically and unexpectedly passed away. She had been serving Liberty’s pet owners for over 10 years with her business All Your Pets.  We had the privilege to explore several ways to memorialize her, and are pleased that Anderson Dog Park, an urban dog park within walking distance of downtown Liberty, will serve as a memorial for all of the hard work and love she showed to local pets.

Across from Anderson Dog Park, we have a new multi-family housing development planned. This development will increase the density of downtown Liberty, and the dog park will be a valuable amenity to these residences as well as existing homes in the area. Providing a designated park space for dogs in this urban environment will keep eyes on the street, create a safe and protected environment for local pets to play, and increase the activity in Ruth Moore Park.