Working in old buildings can be challenging, but it is also rewarding and exciting. Often you uncover treasures from the buildings past lives as you work to update the space.

We knew when we started this project that we wanted to maintain the historic character as much as possible. Keeping the hardwood floors, removing drop ceilings, adding reproduction light switches, all of these things were in the plan. Along the way however, we’ve discovered many things that are now working their way into the design as we let the plans evolve to match the building.

The plaster surrounding an old chimney in what will be our studio space was badly damaged and falling off. Removing this left us with a stunning focal point in our new space. Behind the old paneling in the back porch we’ve uncovered the original lap siding, which will now serve as a backdrop in our materials library. Old wallpaper and tile were uncovered in the kitchen. These items won’t be saved as they are, but will be salvaged to be used as art in the new break room.

As we continue to work in this building we will continue to adjust the design and try to honor the past while creating a space that will last another 100 years!