Before the new construction can begin we have to get our hands dirty! From sampling paint colors to ripping out suspended ceilings, we have been hard at work doing demolition at our new space. We tore out the wall between two additions in the back to open up space for our library which will now be flooded with natural light. In the kitchen and studio, we removed the suspended ceiling and insulation to give more height to the spaces.

Lighting and electrical is next on our to do list. All of the light fixtures will be removed and replaced. There are several for sale online right now if you are in need!  All outlets and covers will be replaced with updated covers and the light switches will be replaced with historic push switches. The wood paneling in the dining room and kitchen and the shutters outside will also be removed. As for the flooring we have thought long and hard on this one. The carpet in the studios will be ripped out and replaced with new carpet. All wood floors will remain and will be touched up where necessary.

Working with a budget is something we do on every project, and if we have to put in some extra hours to make it our dream office, then we are all ready to swing a hammer or strip some wallpaper!