15 South Main Street was a great office for A3G!  We fell in love with the space when we first visited it while still under construction and saw the exposed brick walls and large storefront window.  We were looking for a place to make us more a part of downtown Liberty and it fit the bill perfectly. We felt strongly that a street presence would benefit A3G, but as a matter of principle we felt the four sides of the square should be for retail and restaurants to help keeps things viable so it was a perfect location.  It immediately felt like home, so we went to work filling it with passion, hard work and a few tears along the way.  Tears of joy when we first cut the ribbon making it our new home, tears of sadness as we said goodbye to good people who had to move on to different paths, tears of fear when one of our historic projects collapsed and back to tears of joy as we said goodbye.

We are now fully moved in to our new home at 110 North Main Street and it already feels like it is exactly where we were meant to be!  Funny how one door closes and another one opens, sometimes you just have the faith to walk through the new one and see what is in store on the other side. We hope that the new space and the new year bring more great clients with more great projects so we can fill the space with more passionate people! Bring it on 2019, we are ready!