The last three months have flown by!  We’ve been hard at work trying to stay on top of projects while managing construction on our new office. We are extremely grateful for all of the hard work that our contractors have done! We are now rounding the bend and can see the finish line!

The walls and ceilings have been skim coated in plaster throughout. Painting is well underway with the conference room and studios complete and, as of today, the Blue Peacock in the stairwell has its first coat.  The rooms feel bright and spacious and we are amazed at the Diego’s craftmanship in getting the plaster to a like-new condition. Leaving the exposed brick and siding has allowed for color and texture variation throughout the space.

The electrical wiring, switches and fixtures have been completely replaced. Floors had to be reinforced in a few places where the old structure was no longer intact, but floors feel solid and much more level, never to be perfect in an old house, but much better than before.

It’s beginning to look like a whole new building on the inside!  We are scheduled to move on the 27th so our Christmas dream will be just a few days late, but right in time for a new start to a new year in our very own space!