NeoConnect is a virtual platform for NeoCon 2020 where designers can connect in place of the in-person conference.

Every year the Merchandise Mart in Chicago is filled with designers from all over the world for three days in June to see what is new in the commercial design world at NeoCon. Last year A3G attended NeoCon to see the latest trends and came back with new ideas and inspiration to share with clients.

This year NeoCon’s in-person conference was cancelled, but organizers were able to create NeoConnect – a new virtual platform that takes place for the full month of June. NeoConnect is hosting several online resources for designers, including CEU webinars, online panel discussions and virtual social.

With the global pandemic, we had to take a step back to reevaluate what we design and how we design it. Design concepts in 2019, like the open office space are now being replaced with panels, partitions, and Plexiglass. Benching systems are now unfavorable since it does not allow six feet of space between people. A lot of new trends have emerged in response to change in 2020.

Although we were unable to learn and connect in person this year, NeoCon 2020 is definitely one that will be truly unforgettable. While there wasn’t a chance to wander in the beautifully curated showrooms or among the latest innovative products and configurations, NeoConnect was able to provide valuable insight of the upcoming 2020 design trends. We continue moving forward and navigate designing in new and unfamiliar circumstances.