A3G was pleased to work with Veterans Community Project (VCP) to help develop their dream for a village of tiny houses for veterans in the Kansas City area.  In 2016, VCP purchased a piece of property at 89th and Troost to house tiny houses for veterans facing homelessness. As with any project there were challenges, the largest being the site’s lack of sewer service. Our team of engineers, along with the City of Kansas City, Missouri, worked to route sewer service to the site and construction began in summer 2017.

A total of fifty 240-sf tiny homes are planned for the property as well as a 4,600-sf community building. The community building was completed in December 2019 and consists of multi-functional space, including areas of use for medical services, mental and physical therapy, training kitchen, laundry services, a pet wash station, showers, and a barber shop.

Project Details

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Built Date: 2017-2019
Size: 240 sf each