Grove Church

Project Description

The Grove Church project consisted of an interior renovation of the previous Odd Fellows Lodge in Gladstone, Missouri into a permanent location for their church. This approximately 7,000sf renovation includes a sanctuary, two offices, classrooms, a children’s area, kitchenette, and accessible restrooms.

The sanctuary was created by refreshing an existing assembly space with a few minor improvements; removing the dropped ceiling, floor platforms, and fixed seating. A3G was also able to make this space more functional for the church by including dedicated storage, an AV booth, a welcome area, and accessible restrooms on the main level.

The most extensive aspect of the renovation was in the lower level of the building. Interior walls were removed and rebuilt to accommodate the new program type and to provide additional support to the floor framing of the sanctuary above. Additionally, much of the work was completed by volunteers within the church and they were able to re-purpose the existing lumber to give the building a new life. On this level, there are now two offices, a kitchenette, restrooms, and dedicated spaces for infants, preschoolers, and children in K-5th grade.

Project Details

Type: Interior Renovation
Gladstone, Missouri
Size: 7020sf
Date Complete: July 2021
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