Boba Tea Hive

Project Description

Located in Liberty Crossroads Shopping Center, Boba Tea Hive is Liberty’s coolest new place for a tasty dessert drink. The interior is beehive-themed utilizing the classic beehive hexagon in various ways. A variety of seating options accommodate groups, couples, and single patrons. Decorative lighting and stained concrete floors give the space an industrial feel while a foliage wall softens the area, bringing the feeling of nature indoors. The workspace available for order preparation is long and narrow. This was a challenge for employees. The owner had created a layout for the kitchen but upon A3G’s post-occupancy consultation, we redesigned the space to minimize the steps needed for tasks and allowed for a more organic workflow. While this work isn’t the “pretty stuff” it adds tremendous value for the business.

Project Details

Type: Commercial Tenant Finish

Liberty, MO

Size: 1,440 sf

Date Completed: 2023

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