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Scrumptious Catering

Scrumptious Catering is a locally owned and operated catering company servicing the greater Kansas City area. Marcie Hanson, the owner, decided that moving the company back to Liberty and closer to home would cut down on travel time and expenses. She found a small office building that fit her size needs, but then she had to determine what was required to convert it into a catering kitchen.

Because of A3G’s knowledge of the building code and local zoning ordinance, we were able to transform the space to meet the owner’s needs without numerous costly upgrades that she had been told would be necessary by other architects. Since there was no change in occupancy classification for the building, it was not necessary to bring the entire building up to date, which greatly reduced the renovation costs. This made the project affordable, and Scrumptious Catering was able to have a more economical location, where they have continued to grow their catering business.