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College Park Christian Academy

College Park Christian Academy is an existing 12,000sf Preschool—8th grade school located on the Columbia Seventh Day Adventist Church campus. The school had experienced a growth spurt and needed additional classroom space. A3G studied their existing facility and determined that their double-story gymnasium could be reduced and a second level added at one end. This was an affordable solution, which has allowed the school to grow in place until such time that they can financially support a new facility or an addition.

Two classrooms and an accessible restroom, totaling 2100 sf, were added on the upper level, and the lower lever created a large multi-function gathering space. The modular gym floor was reconfigured, and the basketball goal relocated so that the gym could still function, even though no longer a regulation court. The multipurpose room is used for lunch services and other church activities.

The use of a ramp from the existing floor up to the classrooms allowed for more head clearance at the lower level. An exit stair was also added, so that both classrooms had a second means of egress in case of emergency.